Pedal Bins

Product Image (GR-765)

55L Foot Pedal Dustbin

Price: 2000 INR/Piece

55L Foot Pedal Dustbin provides a touch free facility with better usage and less effort in the medical, hospital and nursing homes. It ensures to dispose off unwanted materials with complete easiness and comfort.

Product Image (GR-800)

32L Foot Pedal Waste Bin

Price: 1200 INR/Piece

32L Foot Pedal Waste Bin is designed for safe and quick disposing off the garbage and wastes. It is used for storing wastes, napkins, etc. with a slight push using foot.

Product Image (GR-812)

16L Foot Pedal Dustbin

Price: 450 INR/Piece

16L Foot Pedal Dustbin is used in malls, houses, hospitals, offices, etc. for garbage collection. It can be easily opened with little pressured using foot. This durable dustbin can be easily handled with no efforts.

Product Image (GR-914)

45 Litres Foot Operated Pedal Dustbin

Price: 1980 INR

45 Litres Foot Operated Pedal Dustbin is used to keep the wastes safe in the container. Its a single foot push enables users to throw the garbage easily to save time and effort. It is one of the safe options of keeping garbage as it does not need the touch of hand for opening the lid.

Product Image (GR-732)

87L Foot Pedal Bin

Price: 3500 INR/Piece

87L Foot Pedal Bin accumulates maximum amount of garbage at one place in easier and swifter way. This is available with durable lids that can be operated using foot pedal. In addition, it also ensures to keep the odors under the lid so that it does not spread in the environment.


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