Feminine Sanitary Bins

Product Image (GR-777)

Antimicrobial Sanitary Bin Liners

Price: 10 INR

Antimicrobial Sanitary Bin Liners are used in office, business and other environments to keep the area clean. They are designed to provide anti-bacterial effect to the discarded wastes and evade the bad odor.

Product Image (GR-966)

23L Automatic Sanitary Bin

Price: 1980 INR

23L Automatic Sanitary Bin is a highly effective sanitizing bin used to kill 99.99% bacteria. Its liners are scented and designed for ensuring better usage till its capacity is completely used.

Product Image (GR-866)

Automatic Feminine Hygiene Bin

Price: 2500 INR

Automatic Feminine Hygiene Bin is a touch free sanitary napkin disposing bin designed in India. This amazing product is available with a durable V Flap and ABS Flap with 4 type battery to make it hygienic and germ-free. This is available in antibacterial design having 99% bacteria killing capacity. It can be floor mounted or wall mounted.


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