Wheelie Bins

Product Image (GR-725)

1100 Litres 4 Wheeled Dustbin

Price: 25000 INR

This durable and strong 1100 Litres 4 Wheeled Dustbin is available with sturdy self-lock rubber wheels to prevent damages. It is a chemical resistant dustbin widely used for storing and carrying heavy materials in airports, gardens, factories, hotels, etc.

Product Image (GR-724)

4 Wheeled Dustbin

Price: 24000 INR/Piece

This mobile 4 Wheeled Dustbin is used for garbage collection and disposal of huge mass of waste at one time. It is utilized in airports, hotels, hospitals, railway stations, etc. to maintain hygiene, health and safety.

Product Image (GR-722)

Wheeled Dustbin Dome Lid

Wheeled Dustbin Dome Lid is available with acid, chemicals and UV radiation resistant design. It comes in compatible design with hard-wearing lid and garbage truck to clean and transfer the garbage in hotels, shops, gardens, factories, etc.

Product Image (GR-723)

Wheeled Dustbins

Price: 4500 INR/Piece

Wheeled Dustbins help disposing off the waste materials easily and safely to keep the place clean. They have become street furniture that ensures eco-friendly environment. Their hard-wearing wheels ensure their easy transporting.


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