Outdoor Dustbins

Product Image (GR-763)

80 Litres Outer Area Dustbin

Price: 1590 INR

80 Litres Outer Area Dustbin is designed to provide the best performance with its anti-abrasive and non-corrosive nature. It is available in different colors from yellow, blue, grey, green and red.

Product Image (GR-764)

110 Litres Outer Area Dustbin

Price: 1450 INR

110 Litres Outer Area Dustbin is a durable dustbin available in red color. This sturdy bin comes in strong structure to keep the garbage safe and place hygienic.

Product Image (GR-745)

120 Litres Pole Mounted Dustbin

Price: 4500 INR

120 Litres Pole Mounted Dustbin is designed using high-quality MS powder coated frame for maximum durability and sturdiness. It is used in different places from roadside, schools, parking, parks, garden, hospital to factories.

Product Image (GR-733)

80L Outer Area Dustbin

Price: 6500 INR

This durable 80L Outer Area Dustbin is used in corporate offices, workstations, residential, industries factories, hotels, kitchen, malls hospitals, etc. It is available in heavy-duty plastic to ensure maximum sturdiness and strength.

Product Image (GR-762)

60L Outer Area Dustbin

Price: 1250 INR

60L Outer Area Dustbin is developed from hard-wearing plastic in different colors from red, green, blue, yellow to grey. It is available in rectangular shape to be used in cafeteria, institutes, railways, hospital, hotels, kitchen, corporate offices, etc.


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