Mop Wringer Trolley

Product Image (GR-1309)

Housekeeping Janitor Cark

Price: 12500.00 - 20000.00 INR/Set

housekeeping Janitor Cart with double bucket mopping Trolley 36L Made of Complete PPCP with four heavy duty wheels Garbage bag 120L also have option of 60Lx2 bags Completely made in India Long lasting nd heavy duty Brand KC Green

Product Image (GR-810)

3 Bucket Mop Wringer Trolley Stainless Steel 54L

Price: 12500 INR

Triple Bucket Mop wringer trolley Stainless steel Product Code: GR-810 Made of SS 304 grade with 4 heavy duty wheels Capacity 18Lx3 Color Red, Yellow, Blue Made in India Brand Green Revolution Down press wringer

Product Image (GR-806)

Caution Signage Wet Floor

Price: 350 INR

Caution Signage Wet Floor & Cleaning In Progress Color Yellow Made of PP Weight 925grams Made in India Brand Green Revolution

Product Image (GR-807)

Twin Mop Bucket Trolley

Twin Mop Bucket Trolley is a highly durable trolley available in world class shape to ensure easy cleaning. This is designed to prevent the water mixing with its two hard-wearing buckets.

Product Image (GR-808)

Double Bucket Mop Wringer Trolley 36L

Price: 4500 INR

Double Bucket Mop Wringer Trolley 36L is one of the best rinsing and cleaning solutions, used to take the dirt off the floor. It makes the cleaning process easy by separating the dirty water from clean one with its double mop buckets.

Product Image (GR-809)

Triple Bucket Mop Wringer Trolley

Price: 8500 INR

This Triple Bucket Mop Wringer Trolley is designed for multiplexes, shopping malls, large business complexes, market places, etc. It comes with extra storage capacity with three buckets to ensure to keep clean water away from the dirt and carry cleaning chemicals.


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